Exporting geometry to OBJ file

Geometry can be exported to a faceted geometry file in *.obj format. This option is available via the Geometry folder's right-click menu. Only the geometry underneath the node that is selected will be exported. The exported geometry will be in the coordinate system of the selected node.

The tessellation of the individual surfaces determines the starting sampling when generating the exported facets. Tessellation can be increased or decreased via the Visualization Attributes dialog.

Then, the resulting OBJ file can be used in third party CAD software; or read back into FRED's "Faceted Surface" Surface Type. Two advantages of converting the geometry to a Faceted Surface for reuse in FRED are:

  • Now, multiple surfaces are represented as one surface, with the need to assign only one set of optical attributes.
  • This geometry can be used as a Data Collector - analyses can be performed and displayed exactly on the surface.

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