The intended use of the GetTracingRay and SetTracingRay scripting commands is with scripted coatings, scatterers and materials, when the default input and output variables do not allow for the flexibility that a user needs when they want to modify the ray currently being traced.

However, not all properties of the ray's T_RAY data structure can be modified. Here is a list of what can and can't be modified by the SetTracingRay command:

SetTracingRay allows modification of the following T_RAY variables:

  • active
  • colorR, colorG, colorB
  • diffractDepth
  • entity
  • intersects
  • parent
  • pathlength
  • power
  • scatterdepth
  • Source
  • speculardepth
  • wavelength
  • x, y, z

SetTracingRay doesn't allow modification of the following T_RAY variables:

  • a, b, c
  • consecIntersects
  • indexref
  • indexrefImag
  • k, l, m
  • material
  • sourceRayNbr

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