How to check my dongle serial number

NOTE: This article only applies to FRED versions prior to 19.40.  As of version 19.40, the key serial number is always displayed in the license authorization dialog.

This article describes the procedure for determining the internal serial number of the license FRED is currently accessing.  This can be useful when debugging licensing issues or attempting to identify which dongle is being used in an environment when multiple dongles are available.  

Note that the internal key serial number is different from the FRED key #, if you need this then you should contact Photon Engineering at and provide the internal serial number information retrieved from this process and we will provide you with the corresponding FRED key #.

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Change Directories to the \Bin directory of the FRED installation
  3. Start FRED with the "/sn" option by issuing: Fred.exe /sn
  4. From the Dashboard, press "License Info" to open the License Authorization Dialog.  Or, go to Help > License Authorization.
  5. The internal key serial number is listed in text at the bottom center of the resulting License Authorization Dialog.  The serial number is in hexadecimal.

This process is illustrated through the screenshots below.  In the final step, showing the License Authorization Dialog, the internal key serial number being used is 0x360.  This serial number should be provided to Photon Engineering in order to lookup the corresponding FRED key #.

Figure 1 - Command Prompt

CD to \Bin directory

/sn flag

License Authorization

License Auth Dialog

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