Command Line Authorization

Under certain circumstances, a dongle may become only partially authorized (i.e. not all of the expected features will be available) and FRED displays a warning message indicating that certain capabilities are not allowed.  In general, this is the result of having included only a subset of the supplied license authorization codes when updating the dongle.

This situation can be resolved by authorizing the dongle using all of the supplied license codes from the Windows command line in the following way:

1. Open a command prompt window.
2. Change to the Bin directory of your FRED installation (cd "C:\Program Files\Photon Engineering\FRED 16.112.0\Bin\")
3. Enter "Fred.exe /authorize XXXX - XXXX - XXXX - XXXX - XXXX - XXXX - XXXX - XXXX".  Note: Replace the "XXXX" characters with each of the corresponding 8 groups of hex codes from your license file. Leave one blank space before and after each of the "-" separators. 

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