Writing Data to file

To open a text file and write data into it line by line: 

    Dim success As Boolean, i As Long, ray As T_RAY, lineToPrint As String
    Dim surf As Long
    surf = FindFullName( "Geometry.Plane.Surface" )

    'open file for writing
    Dim filename As String
    filename = GetDocDir() & "\rayfile.txt"

    Open filename For Output As #1

        'now loop over rays
        success = GetFirstRay(i, ray)
        While success

            If ray.entity = surf Then

                'translate global positional data to local
                TransformPosition -1, surf, ray.x, ray.y, ray.z

                'translate global directional data to local
                TransformDirection -1, surf, ray.a, ray.b, ray.c

                Print #1, ray.x & Chr(9) & ray.y & Chr(9) & ray.z & Chr(9) & ray.a & Chr(9) & ray.c & Chr(9) & ray.power & Chr(9) & ray.wavelength

            End If

            success = GetNextRay(i, ray)

    Close #1

The script above loops over all rays in the buffer. The local position and direction data for each ray located at the designated surface are written to the file.

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