Installing New FRED Releases

Note - this article is intended for users who already have a working installation of FRED.

All releases of FRED have their own unique version number and are installed into their own folders within the C:\Program Files\Photon Engineering folder. This means it is possible to have many different release versions of FRED co-exist on your machine and it is not necessary to uninstall prior versions when installing a new version.

When installing a new release of FRED on machines with existing working installations, because the key drivers are already present on the machine, it is not necessary to reinstall these drivers (Hardware Key Driver and Sentinel Runtime Environment) and so they may be "unchecked" on the component selection screen during the installation process:

Making this choice helps to speed up the installation and often minimizes the need for IT support. 

Note that if you choose to reinstall drivers then it may be necessary to restart your machine after installation.

It is possible to override the default installation folder choice during install, however, we recommend that you do not install a new FRED release in the same directory as any other existing FRED installation.

Once installed, the complete list of new release features and bug fixes is available in the Release Notes (Help -> Release Notes...)

If you have any issues installing or using a new release of FRED please email

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