Creating Types (Structures) in a Script

Creating your own structures / classes are possible. These are called "Types" or "User Types" in FRED Basic Scripting environment.

A couple of examples are below:

'#Language "WWB-COM"
Type Employee
    FirstName As String
    LastName As String
    Title As String
    Salary As Double
End Type
Sub Main
    Dim e As Employee
    e.FirstName = "John"
    e.LastName = "Doe"
    e.Title = "President"
    e.Salary = 100000
    Debug.Print e.FirstName '"John"
    Debug.Print e.LastName  '"Doe"
    Debug.Print e.Title     '"President"
    Debug.Print e.Salary    ' 100000
End Sub

A FRED Example which creates a custom set of raytrace configurations for a batch processing:

Option Explicit

Type myConfig
    numRays As Double
    wavelength As Double
    isMonteCarlo As Boolean
    calcIrradiance As Boolean
End Type

Sub Main
    Dim allConfigs(2) As myConfig

    allConfigs(0).numRays       = 100000
    allConfigs(0).wavelength    = 0.5
    allConfigs(0).isMonteCarlo  = True
    allConfigs(0).calcIrradiance = True

    allConfigs(1).numRays       = 200000
    allConfigs(1).wavelength    = 0.6
    allConfigs(1).isMonteCarlo  = True
    allConfigs(1).calcIrradiance = True

    allConfigs(2).numRays       = 300000
    allConfigs(2).wavelength    = 0.7
    allConfigs(2).isMonteCarlo  = True
    allConfigs(2).calcIrradiance = True

    'a separate function that does these traces

End Sub

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