Detaching a Softkey license

Network enabled Sentinel softkeys allow licenses to be "detached" from host computer and temporarily assigned to a recipient computer for a specified amount of time.  

When assigned to the recipient computer, the detached license becomes a locally hosted softkey on the recipient and the recipient computer can run FRED without requiring a network connection to the license server. FRED will be able to execute on the client PC for the period of X days without requiring network connectivity to the license server. Detached licenses can be returned to the host computer manually by the recipient or automatically when the license detachment period expires (whichever comes first).

Licenses can be detached by using either FRED or the Sentinel Admin Control Center (ACC) to facilitate the detachment. The end result of the license detachment will be the same regardless of the procedure used. The procedure below uses the ACC (an example of using the FRED interface can be found in the "Softkey Rehosting and Detaching" page in the FRED Help).

Online Mode

The procedure for softkey license detachment using the Sentinel ACC on the license host and recipient computers depends on whether the license managers on the two computers are able to communicate with each other on the local network.  If the license managers on the two computers can communicate with each other, then softkey license detachment can be easily performed entirely from within the recipient ACC in an "online" mode.  

IMPORTANT: This procedure assumes that the Enable Detachment of Licenses option has been checked in the Configuration: Detachable Licenses page of the ACC.

Offline Mode

If the license managers on the two computers cannot communicate with each other, then license detachment will be performed by "offline" transfer of a host-to-recipient (.h2r) file. Details can be found on the "Softkey Rehosting and Detaching" page in the FRED Help.

Cancelling a Softkey License Detachment

A detached license is assigned a duration period (in days), after which the detached license expires and is automatically returned to the host network softkey. If the full duration of the detachment is not required by the end-user, then the detached license can be "canceled" and returned to the host network softkey before it expires. Doing this in "online mode" is described below.

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