Reading a binary FCR rayfile

FRED ray data can be saved to a few different output formats, one of which is a compact binary file format with the FCR file extension.  The FRED Help topic Sources > Rayfile Formats discusses the C++ binary FCR file structure.  The example FRED file in this KB article contains two embedded scripts.  The embedded script, "MakeFCR", will simply create some source rays and write out an FCR file to the local directory where the FRD file is saved.  The embedded script, "MakeRaysFromFCR", demonstrates how to open the binary FCR file, process its contents, and re-build the rayset manually.

Note that the purpose of the MakeRaysFromFCR script is simply to demonstrate how the binary file format can be read and processed.  In practice, FCR files would be read into FRED using the Ray Manipulation Utilities dialog, by defining a rayfile source model, or by using the ReadBasicRayDataFromFile() function in the scripting language.

Example FRED file: binaryFCRRead.frd

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