Positions Spot Diagram

As of version 18.61 there is no script command equivalent to the positions spot diagram analysis available in the GUI. This knowledge base article details a script utility which manually performs the equivalent positions spot diagram analysis in the scripting language.

The script is written to loop over all rays on a designated surface in the model. If the designated surface is not found, the script will report this to the output window. If the surface is found, the following statistics are calculated for all rays associated with the surface:

# of rays included in the analysis
Incoherent Power
X and Y position, average
X and Y position, RMS
X and Y position, power weighted average
X and Y position, power weighted RMS
RMS spot size
RMS spot size, power weighted
Minimum and maximum x,y ray intercept positions

This script can be run with any associated FRED document. Line 20 should be modified specify the surface on which ray position spot diagram information will be calculated.

Example FRED Script: positionsSpotDiagramStatistics.frs

Example FRED File: positionsSpotDiagramCalculator.frd

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