Resampling Laser Diode Beam

The "M-squared Laser Beam (coherent)" source type is created in FRED as a superposition of TEMmn Hermite-Gauss modes whose composite beam has the requested M2 value. 

Because the source is intended to be coherent and FRED treats coherent rays of the same wavelength fully coherent with respect to each other, the coherence between the individual TEMmn modes is broken by making slight changes to the wavelength of each individual mode. The user can retrieve the mode composition by right mouse clicking on the source node in the Object Tree and selecting "Detailed Report" from the context menu.

This collection of wavelengths becomes a problem if the user needs to spatially resample the beam into a new set of coherent rays (Gaussian beamlets), since the resampling routine requires the calculation of the scalar field, which can only be done at a single wavelength. 

This example file with Embedded Script automatically traces the rays of an M2 = 1.5 source to a resampling plane located just before an aperture and then loops over each wavelength and spatially resamples each rayset. The results are accumlated in a user-created Ray Buffer.

'#Language "WWB-COM"

Option Explicit

Sub Main

    'step 0. cleanup from previous runs and preperation
    EnableTextPrinting False

    Dim i As Long
    For i = GetRayBufferCount()-1 To 1 Step -1
    Next i

    Dim resamplSurf As Long, anaSurf As Long
    resamplSurf = FindFullName( "Geometry.resamplePlane.Surface" )
    anaSurf     = FindFullName( "Analysis Surface(s).resamplingPlane" )

    Dim tempBuffer As Long, resampledBuffer As Long
    tempBuffer      = AddRayBuffer()
    resampledBuffer = AddRayBuffer()

    'step 1. Advanced raytrace to sampling plane
    Dim adv As T_ADVANCEDRAYTRACE, numRays As Long
    InitAdvancedRaytrace adv
    adv.stopSurfID = resamplSurf
    numRays = AdvancedRaytrace(adv)

    EnableTextPrinting True
        Print numRays & " traced to resample plane"
        Print ""
    EnableTextPrinting False

    'step 2. Get list of wavelengths at sample plane
    Dim wavelengths() As Double, curWl As Double, haveWl As Boolean, curSize As Long
    Dim success As Boolean, ray As T_RAY, idx As Long

    ReDim Preserve wavelengths(0)
    success = GetFirstRay(i, ray)
    While success

        If ray.entity = resamplSurf Then
            curWl = ray.wavelength
            haveWl = False
            curSize = UBound(wavelengths)

            'if this ray wavelength is not already stored
            For idx = 0 To curSize
                If curWl = wavelengths(idx) Then
                    haveWl = True
                End If
            Next idx

            If Not haveWl Then
                If wavelengths(0) > 0 Then
                    curSize = curSize + 1
                End If
                ReDim Preserve wavelengths(curSize)
                wavelengths(curSize) = curWl
            End If

        End If

        success = GetNextRay (i, ray)

    'Step 3. copy all rays To tempBuffer
    Dim tRayFilter() As T_RAYFILTEROP
    CopyFilteredRaysBufferToBuffer( tRayFilter(), 0, tempBuffer, False )

    'for each wavelength resample and move rays to newBuffer
    Dim count As Long, parms() As Double
    Dim ent As Long, mat As Long, nRaysDel As Long, meritVal As Double

    For idx = 0 To UBound(wavelengths)

        EnableTextPrinting True
            Print idx & Chr(9) & wavelengths(idx)
        EnableTextPrinting False

        curWl = wavelengths(idx)

        'delete rays currently in this buffer

        'copy full set of rays into this buffer
        CopyFilteredRaysBufferToBuffer( tRayFilter(), tempBuffer, 0, False )

        'delete all rays that are not at this wavelength, and not on the resampling surface
        success = GetFirstRay(i, ray)
        While success
            If ray.entity <> resamplSurf Then
                DeleteRay i
            End If
            If ray.wavelength <> curWl Then
                DeleteRay i
            End If
            success = GetNextRay (i, ray)

        'resample using default parameters
        count = SpatiallyResampleScalarField( anaSurf, 0, parms, 150, True, 0, resamplSurf, 0, "", "", nRaysDel, meritVal )
        EnableTextPrinting True
            Print count & " new rays created"
            Print ""
        EnableTextPrinting False

        'move these resampled rays to final buffer
        CopyFilteredRaysBufferToBuffer( tRayFilter(), 0, resampledBuffer , True )

    Next idx

    'switch to newBuffer
    SetActiveRayBufferIndex resampledBuffer

    EnableTextPrinting True
    Print GetRayBufferLiveRayCount( resampledBuffer ) & " total rays after resampling"

    'now we are ready to trace trough the aperture

End Sub


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