Generate Birefringent Material from CSV file

As of FRED version 18.11, there is no option to populate a sampled birefringent material definition using data from a file.  The attached FRED file contains an embedded script called, "MakeBirefringentFromCSV", which will process the accompanying CSV data file and generate a new sampled birefringent material using the data.  The CSV file should have N+1 rows, where N is the number of wavelength samples and the last row is a blank line.  For each wavelength sample row, there are 7 data columns: wavelength (microns), N_ordinary_real, N_extraordinary_real, N_ordinary_imag, N_extraordinary_imag, G_ordinary, G_extraordinary.

  1. Before running the embedded script, edit line 11 of the script in order to update the fPath variable that specifies the directory path location where the CSV file is located.
  2. When the script is executed, the user will be prompted to provide a name string for the new sampled birefringent material node being created.

FRED Example File: loadBirefringentFromCSV.frd

Example Data File: birefringentQuartz.csv

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