Windows and Toolbars Reset

FRED’s toolbars and windows can be floated or docked anywhere on your screen and while this makes customization of the GUI layout quite flexible, it has resulted in reports of “lost” toolbars and menus.  If restoration of any lost toolbars and windows (ex. output window) cannot be solved by simply navigating the View > Toolbars menu option within FRED, a command line startup parameter is available to quickly reset the windowing states without otherwise modifying your Preference settings.  This command line option can be run in the following way:

1) Open a Command prompt in Windows

2) Change to the Bin directory of your FRED installation (ex. cd “C:\Program Files\Photon Engineering\FRED 16.112.0\Bin”)

3) Run the FRED executable with the command line option /NoLoadWindowStates (ex. Fred.exe /NoLoadWindowStates)

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