Converting to older formats

FRED is not designed to be forward compatible, i.e., it does not allow for the opening of a file saved in a newer version. However, it is a reasonably common problem that you might need to share a file with a colleague who only has access to an older version of FRED. Follow the procedure below to recreate the model in an earlier format.

1. Export your model as a script (File / Export / Fred Script Format...).

2. Open the older version of FRED.

3. Open both a new (blank) FRED Document and the script file.

4. Check the syntax of the script, and comment out all of the lines that fail the syntax check. These are lines that are only applicable to the newer version.

5. Run the script to recreate the model in the older version of the FRED Document.

6. Save the Document.

Note: Keep in mind that if your model relies critically on features that are only available in the newer version, the resulting file will not be a perfect representation. 

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