Element Composite Scripting

The example code below demonstrates how to use FRED's scripting language to perform the following tasks:

  1. Add an Element Composite node to the object tree
  2. Add two sphere type Element Primitives as children of the Element Composite node, each offset along the X axis
  3. Apply a specification string to the Element Composite that defines how the two spheres are combined using boolean solid operators
Sub Main

    'Add the element composite node
    Dim eb As Long
    Dim tEnt As T_ENTITY
    InitEntity( tEnt )
    tEnt.name = "Element Composite"
    eb = ElemAddBoolean( tEnt )

    'Add some element primitive spheres
    Dim s1 As Long, s2 As Long

    InitEntity( tEnt )
    tEnt.name   = "sphere 1"
    tEnt.parent = eb
    s1 = ElemAddSphere( tEnt )
    ShiftX( s1, eb, -0.25 )

    InitEntity( tEnt )
    tEnt.name   = "sphere 2"
    tEnt.parent = eb
    s2 = ElemAddSphere( tEnt )
    ShiftX( s2, eb, 0.25 )


    'Combine them into the composite node using the intersection operator
    'Spec string = "Geometry.Element Composite.sphere 1" & "Geometry.Element Composite.sphere 2"
    Dim spec As String
    spec = Chr(34) & GetFullName( s1 ) & Chr(34) & "&" & Chr(34) & GetFullName(s2) & Chr(34)
    ElemBooleanSetSpec( eb, spec )

End Sub

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