Subroutine for custom 2D Plots

This subroutine can be used to create 2D data plots in FRED:

Sub Plot2D( ByVal xdata() As Double, _
            ByVal ydata() As Double, _
            ByVal title As String, _
            ByVal xlabel As String, _
            ByVal ylabel As String, _
            ByVal saveImg As Boolean)

    Dim plotNode As Long
    Dim plotSeries As Long

    plotNode = AddUser2DPlot()
    plotSeries = AddUser2DPlotSeries( plotNode, xdata(), ydata() )

    SetUser2DPlotGraphTitle( plotNode, title )
    SetUser2DPlotXaxisTitle( plotNode, xlabel )
    SetUser2DPlotYaxisTitle( plotNode, ylabel )

    If saveImg Then
        SaveUser2DPlotGraphToFile plotNode, GetDocDir() & "\" & title & ".jpg" , 100, False, False
    End If

End Sub

The following need to be passed to the subroutine:

xdata() as Double

- the array of data points on the x axis

ydata() as Double

- the array of data points on the y axis (must be the same size as xdata)

title as String

- the title to be shown at the top of the 2D plot

xlabel as String

- the label for the x axis

ylabel as String

- the label for the y axis

saveImg as Boolean

- for saving a jpg image of the plot in the same directory as the .frd file.

For example,

    'Plot the data in 2D Chart using the subroutine defined below
    Plot2D(xdata(), ydata(), "LENS MTF", "LP/mm", "MTF", True)

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