Checking ARN's Detector Entity

The default name for the ARN is the name of the detector entity that created it, plus an integer. For example, shown below are three ARNs, created by three detector entities called "Detector Entity 1", "Detector Entity 2", & "Detector Entity 3".

If you need to check this in a script rather than relying on the name, the most accurate option is to retrieve the node number of the Detector Entity. This is provided by the ARNGetInfo() function which returns a string such as: 

Produced by Detector Entity Node:  "Detector Entity 3" [18]

The integer in the square brackets is the node number of the detector entity. You can extract this by using something similar to this: 

infoStr = ARNGetInfo(arnNode)
DEidx = Mid(infoStr, InStr(infoStr,"[") + 1, InStr(infoStr,"]") - InStr(infoStr,"[") - 1)

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